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Rent vs. Own and Condo vs. House - Some Things to Think About

How much does it cost per month to rent?

Would owning be worth it if owning cost some more - but not a lot more - than renting?

Would you prefer to be accruing equity and some financial stability with your housing payments?

Do you need a garage for the winter, or all the time?

As a renter, how limited is your space for storage?

Can you buy/park an extra vehicle, such as a recreational vehicle (boat, camper, motorcycle)?

Can you have pets?

Do you have to park far from your door?

Are you concerned with crime or security at rental locations?

Is privacy or noise an issue for you?

Do you have any concerns regarding children - what they could be exposed to or what could influence them?

As a renter, is your overall quality of life as good?

Is exterior maintenance for you, or would you prefer to own a condominium?

We would be happy to compare your costs of renting versus owning - please contact us.